9 Ways to Help You Hit 6 Figures in Your Business This Year (using positive affirmations)

Oh hey! I see you over there hustling your ass off trying reach your dreams. 6 figures eh? Trust me, I KNOW you can do it. Reaching 6 figures in your business is probably one of the biggest and first goals business owners make when starting a business.

I get it, it's a perfect milestone to hit. I mean, being able to say you built a 6 figure business from scratch is pretty dam impressive. Especially if you have those family members that just didn't "get" your business or didn't think you could do it. Booyah! 

So today, I thought we'd talk about manifestation and doing everything we can in order to hit that 6 figure goal by the end of the year. I'm a TRUE believer in manifesting. I followed all the tips I'm about to go over today, when I was able to quite my full time gig (making 6 figures) and live off my own business. I'll never forget that day I wrote my resignation letter. I owe it all to manifesting techniques.

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9 ways to hit 6 figures in your business this year


1. Create A Vision Board

A friend of mine introduced me to vision boards about 4 years ago and I've been hooked!!! Incase you're not sure what a vision board is... it's basically a mood board you create where you clip, paste or pin visuals of your hopes and dreams.

The easiest way I've found to do this is by opening up Pinterest and creating a secret board. Then just start pinning your dreams away.

For example. I created a secret board called "Current Goals and Dreams". Now because this board is secret, I am the only one that can see. So no need to worry that it doesn't fit in with your brand or "look".

In this board I've been pinning things like money, maids (I want a cleaning lady), Jeeps (I want a new Jeep within the next year), vacation spots... etc.

vision board for hitting 6 figures


2. Be Clear + Specific

Be clear and specific about what it is that you want. Instead of saying, 'I want to make more money this year'... say 'I want to make 6 figures in my business by the end of this year'. 

It's important to tell yourself the exact goal you'd like to hit and by when. This helps to give you a clear path and deadline.


3. Don't Limit Yourself

Be sure that you're not limiting yourself. If you have a sale happening this weekend, don't say 'I want to do $1,000 in sales this weekend'... instead say, 'I want to do a minimum of $1,000 in sales this weekend'. This helps to keep the door open. You're not putting a cap on your success, you're just setting the bar.


4. Be Clear On HOW You Plan To Make 6 Figures

You can't just sit back and hope you'll hit 6 figures this year. Be clear on HOW you plan to get there. Maybe you'll make $15k from small shops and markets, $70k from online sales and $15k from wholesale. 

Creating a roadmap that's a clear representation on how you plan to execute your 6 figure year is KEY.


5. Print Off 5 Affirmations + Keep Them Close

This may be one of my favorite tips because I use affirmations multiple times a day. I LOVE them!

Printing things like:

  • I will make 6 figures by December 31st, 2017
  • I will reach my income goals sooner than I thought
  • I will do what it takes to make 6 figures this year
  • I am open to new streams of income
  • money is coming my way

These are all good affirmations to print off and hang around the house, put in your car, in your wallet, tape on your bathroom mirror, etc.

Taping them in places you go often throughout the day, helps keep your goal at the front of you mind, constantly.


6. Visualize

My friends Denise over at LuckyBitch.com is a MASTER at this one. Visualizing is not something I did prior to being introduced to Denise. 

What you do visualize constantly. Don't just visualize your 6 figure goal... visualize yourself reaching that goal. Feel the emotion you would feel after reaching it. Imagine as if you've already hit your goal. 

Acting as if you've already hit 6 figures, is a sneaky way to make it happen for real!


7. Get Excited + Keep The Energy Going

You know when you come up with a really awesome idea and you're super excited about, calling everyone you know just to share the excitement? Yeah, we've all gone through this before right?

After a day or too the excitement wares off and we slow down on this super awesome idea, or we completely forget about it. Then when our BFF asks how your new project is going, we answer with... 'it's okay' or 'I haven't started yet' or 'I haven't thought much about it yet'. It's the worst!

Keeping that excitement and positive energy is crucial to making shit happen. You have to keep the fire burning my friend. Which brings me to my next point...


8. Take Action At Least Once A Day

Do something at least once a day that brings you closer to your goal. Not only will this help to keep that fire burning, but it helps you get closer and closer to that 6 figures.

Take little steps throughout the day, everyday and you'll be glad a month from you... because those little steps, got you a leap ahead.


9. Let Go Of The Fear

It's okay to think about your worries... what if you don't reach your goal? What if you do but it's not what you imagined? You don't have what it takes to make 6 figures this year...

You're allowed to think of them... for a quick, tiny second, in order to let them go. Worrying about your fears constantly is only going to hold you back. focus on the positive, not the what if.

SO I used to think manifesting things out of thin air was just hocus pocus... and don't get me wrong... without taking action, things aren't just going to happen on their own. You won't hit 6 figures without putting in some effort my friend. 

But I'm telling you, all these things freaking WORK. And positive affirmations were one of THE most important things for me when I was able to quit my full time gig and dive head first into my business.

That said, I've already done the work for you. No making excuses babe. Click below to download my 5 positive affirmations that were incredibly powerful in manifesting my dreams. Just print them off and tape them up around the house. You got this!