How To Boost Holiday Sales Using Your Email List

Where in the world did this year go? It's already time to think about the Holidays???

Yup. And if you don't already have a strategy in place to meet your sales goals this season, you're already falling behind. But no worries, today I'm going to show you how to boost this years Holiday sales simply by using your email list. Yes, your email list. So stay tuned because I'm going to layout the complete email strategy I used to DOUBLE my Holiday sales last year.

P.S. No need to worry about what to send when during the Holidays. I put together a sample schedule for you HERE to help boost those Holidays sales. Whoop, whoop!

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I know what you're thinking... 'Lindsay, last year I ran a HUGE Black Friday sale, sent an announcement to my email list and just didn't get the response I was hoping for.'

I hear this ALL the time. I mean, your intentions were in the right place... but did you warm up your audience at all, or did you straight up send an email telling them to 'buy all my products because they're so amazing so give me all your money'?

Yeah, you can't go all the way on the first date. You have to gain their trust and get them to like you first. Here's probably where you went wrong:

  • they haven't heard from you in weeks / months, now all the sudden you're sending sales emails asking them to buy.
  • you clogged up their inbox with sales email after sales email, spamming the crap out of your peeps
  • sent ONE and done email announcing your big sale
  • didn't even send an email to your list, like at ALL
  • didn't include any call to actions in your emails (I call this a dead email)
  • confused the crap out of your audience with too much information

Now that we've got all the "not-to-do's" out of the way... let's move on to the juicy stuff. The stuff that actually works. The strategy I used to DOUBLE my Holiday sales last year. 


1. Start sending regular emails 4 weeks before your big sale

This is probably the MOST important step, so don't skip over it!

You know that family member that only calls or texts you when they need something? Yeah, we all have one of THOSE in our family. Every time your phone screen pops up "Jessica" you hit "ignore". 

If you're not sending regular emails to your audience... YOU are that family member. And chances are you're probably losing email subscribers every time you do decide to send an email (sound familiar?). People don't only want to hear from you when you're having a major sale or trying to get them to buy your latest product. What are THEY getting out of this relationship? 

It's important to make this feel like a two sided relationship. Talk to them, ask for feedback, show up in their inbox occasionally without asking them to buy something.

So from here on forward, make sure to schedule out 4 emails PRIOR to announcing your big Holiday sale. Send one email out a week for four weeks. 

This is going to warm up your audience, get them to trust you, get to know you and feel like a friend... rather than someone who's just trying to sell them something.

For example. If you're trying to promote your Black Friday sale (Nov 24th), start sending regular emails out the week of Oct 22nd. Then send your second email the week of Oct 29th, third the week of Nov 5th and fourth the week of Nov 13th.

This will ensure you've got a good solid ground to stand on before announcing your sale.


2. Give Your Audience Value

It's important to be sure you're giving your audience some value. WHY did they sign up in the first place?

From here on forward, every time you're about to send an email out to your audience, ask yourself this one question... does what I'm sending add any value to this person? If the answer is no, scrap it and come up with something else.

What do I mean by value? For example... if you sell sleeping bags, your audience is most likely filled with people who like to camp. Sending stuff like, the top 5 secret places to camp in the midwest that are FREE or 7 campfire dinners the whole family will love in under 30 min. Both of these posts are of interest to your peeps. Something they'll find helpful when planning their next camping trip.

Let's say you sell jewelry, below is a list of email ideas that would be incredibly valuable:

  • fall outfit ideas we're dying over (include pieces of your jewelry)
  • Holiday gift guides (including some pieces of your jewelry)
  • a list of sales happening this Holiday season (be sure to include products you know your audience will love)
  • 5 ways to style 1 necklace
  • go from day to night with these quick tricks


3. Send a series of emails (not just one)

You can't just send one email announcing your sale, cross your fingers and expect the sales to come rolling through. Think of how many times you've missed an email simply because you just didn't check your emails yet, or it was so far down in your inbox you just completely missed it. It happens to the best of us... think about how many emails you get a day.

Make sure they don't miss your announcement by sending several emails.

  • email #1 - Teaser: Tell your peeps about your sale, being sure to include dates, times, discounts, etc.
  • email #2 - Announce the sale: Once the sale goes live, send an email letting your customers know it's go time!
  • email #3 - Reminder: Remind your audience this is their last chance to take advantage of the HUGE sale.

I had a client of mine who was super worried to do this. She thought she was just annoying her customers and was reluctant to send more than one email. She decided to listen to my advice, she sent a total of 3 emails for her 1 sale and it ended up being her MOST successful sale to date... pulling in over $3,000 EXTRA dollars. (whoop, whoop)


4. Include clear call-to-action buttons

This may sound obvious, but I don't know how many emails I've gotten during the Holidays that forgot this one most important step... telling me what to do next.

Yes, be sure to include all the details of the sale with a huge "30% off" text spanning the email, but do NOT forget to add a "buy now" button. Trust me, people like to be told what to do next when opening an email. 

I tested this one out. I sent an email announcing a sale with all the info and no button, then sent the same email including a "shop now" button and the one with the call-to-action resulted in 40% MORE sales than the other.

Make sure this button goes directly to the sale or product you're trying to promote.


5. Be Clear and Straight to the Point

Have you ever gotten an email that was just all up in your face. Announcing sales all over the place and it was so overwhelming you didn't know where to click? Yeah, me too. I usually just leave the email thinking I'll come back when I have more time to check it out... I never do.

This is a great example of what NOT to do. Instead, focus on one or two sales and direct your audience there. Try to have one main focal point and one main call-to-action, otherwise... you'll confuse your customers and they won't know where to click, missing out on more sales.

Now you know the juicy secrets of email marketing during the Holidays, no time to waste... go start putting together your emails to ensure you skyrocket your sales this year.

No need to worry about what to send when during the Holidays. I put together a sample schedule for you, to help boost those Holidays sales. Whoop, whoop! Just click below :)