11 Holiday Newsletters to Mimic this Season

Alright peeps, you can thank me later because today's post is going to save you a TON of time and headaches. Not sure what to send in your newsletters this Holiday season? Want to make it look super professional? Want to up your sales game this year?

Today's post is your new best friend because I'm giving you 11 Holiday newsletters you should mimic this season. 

Not only are all these newsletters on the verge of a marketing strategy genius plan (muahahaha)... you can totally replicate them and make 'em your own. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy shmancy marketing team. You got this yo!

And.... I'm making it super easy for you. I've put together a Holiday Newsletter template you can use to get started ASAP. Just edit the text to have it say whatever you need and you've got your first newsletter down yo! Click HERE to snatch the template.

11 holiday newsletters to mimic this season plus a free template


1. Avon

Take a look at one of Avon's Christmas light theme newsletters below. One of my favorite things about this newsletter is the simplicity  of it. ANYONE can create this gorgeous masterpiece.

No need to hire a fancy marketing team to design epic newsletters this season, all you need is some Christmas lights, a few of your products, a white board, a smart phone & a gift code. Throw it all together in Canva and viola. Easy Peasy. Check out THIS post for photo editing tips. 

Although it's simple... it looks clean, professional AND festive. This is something you can easily recreate. Seriously, go dust off your Christmas box of decorations, pull out a string of lights and get to work yo. The best part about this design, it highlights your products in a fun way ;)


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Avon


2. Everlane

Alright, when I acme across this newsletter from Everlane, I knew I had to include it in this post. I mean, just look at it. It's so dam pleasing to the eye, without over stimulating it. I love that they didn't go with the traditional green and red, which is what MOST newsletters end up using throughout the Holidays. They went with this soft, wintery blue. It's a nice change and will definitely stand out in their customers inbox this year.

One of the main takeaways from this newsletter is the fact that they literally laid out some gift ideas for you. Shopping isn't always fun for everyone, why not make it easier for them by presenting some options?

The BEST part about this newsletter... is that it's simple to recreate. There are TWO ways to get this look. 

1. You can either get a poster board that's already this color and just take a bunch of flat lays, then stacking them on top of each other to make one long image. Or...

2. Take some product shots on a white poster board. Open them up in Photoshop and delete the shite background, saving as a PNG. Then create a new document in Canva (or whatever design tool you like), making the background this color. Then go ahead and stack your images on top of the background, moving them around however you want. 

Just grab a few tree branches from your backyard, bulbs, candy canes, etc. to get an even more similar look. Remember to make it your own and stay on brand :)


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Everlane


3. J. Crew

Alright, I absolutely LOVE this fun, festive and quirky newsletter from J. Crew. First, let's discuss the epicness (is that a word?) of what's going on in this graphic.

The timer at the top... genius! Putting a timer in your email letting your customers know how much time they have left to place an order that'll get delivered in time for Christmas day, now that's doing it right. Want to create your own countdown timer? Awesome, just click HERE.

Next, how fun in that bright green? Again, we get in the habit of using the usual green and read during the Holidays that we forget to make it fun!. Go cray cray and go off the charts. This bright green is a great alternative.

Now, at first look, You might think... this is all great Linds but I don't have a green bug to recreate this. Ha! Jokes on you babe because that little bug there is exactly that... teeny tiny.

It's a miniature car they probably picked up from target. The tree is most likely from a child's miniature play set. And the rope is probably just some string you've already got laying around your house.

Last, the text is simple and easy to read. Spaced out perfectly. I know exactly what the sale is, what it includes, the promo code and they've even created easy buttons for me to go straight to the department I'm shopping for. 

These guys have it figured out.


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - J. Crew


4. Kate Spade

On top of being adorably freaking cute... this newsletter from Kate Spade is the bomb diggity. It clearly states its purpose, giving their customers gift ideas all under $100. Who the heck doesn't want that? When it comes to jewelry, under a 100 bucks is a steal and totally affordable :)

So rather than just sending out an email promoting everything on their website for the Holidays, they've made it a TON more appealing by narrowing it down to a dollar range, making the Holidays totally affordable. This definitely makes me want to check out what I can snatch under a hundred bucks.

They also give you the option to take a loot at their gift guide. It's seriously a perfect match.

Oh and did I mention how freakin' easy it would be to duplicate? Just a simple gingerbread girl, decorated all cute and a bite taken out of her leg. Making sure to add some of your adorable teeny tiny products.


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Kat Spade


5. Loeffler Randall

Sleek, clean, simple and GOLD. We can't forget about using gold during the Holidays. It's a nice upgrade from the usual red and green, while bringing some elegance and sophistication to the mix.

I love how they're literally giving you some last minute stocking stuffer ideas. Who isn't on the hunt for stocking stuffers every. single. year?

You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Well, it would be great to get some ideas literally delivered into your inbox. Less work for you! That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Again, easy to replicate. Just add your PNG product images on top of some background layers and your set. 


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Loeffler Randall


6. Lord + Taylor

Alright, this may be one of my favorite newsletters for the Holidays ever. These guys are genius. How many times are we searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? How many times do we wonder what to get our best friend, mom, neighbor, crazy aunt? 

These guys narrow it down for you making it incredibly easy to help you shop. 

They included their Holiday Gift Guide directly into their newsletter, complete with gifts ideas for the foodie, outdoor adventurer, techie, lounge lover, decorator... basically, everyone in your life.

This newsletter is bound to be a life saver for a TON of your customers. They will love you for it!


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Lord + Taylor


Make sure to click the button below to get started. No need to spend your time on decorated flat lays, I've already created one for you :) Fist bump!!! Just change the text to say whatever you want it to say and you're good to go. 


7. Momentlens

This newsletter is for the minimalist. Clean, easy and to the point. Sometimes all we need is a little simplicity in our lives, next to our over crowded (and decorated) inbox during the Holidays.

Sometimes it just simple. It doesn't have to be as hard as picking out a gift for everyone on your list. Momentlens does an incredible job in reminding their customers that a simply gift card will do. 

Let them pick out their gift this year. Easiest gift ever!

And the design on this newsletter is nothing short of gorgeous. Simply white and black. 


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Momentlens


8. Nasty Gal

If you've been following me long, you KNOW how much I love the Nasty Gal newsletter. It's seriously one that I look forward to every week. They just get it.

Everything they do is 100% branded... they know exactly who their audience is and they definitely take advantage of it. Pops of color, fun, a little punk and just plain nice to look at. They make you feel like you're one of the popular girls every time.

Now, not only are they also giving you the gift card option... they're rewarding you by using a gift card. Buy a gift card for a friend, get some extra spending cash in your pocket to chop for yourself.

We're all a little stingy... and if I get some money to spend on myself while shopping for others... well, that's my kind of newsletter.


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Nasty Gal


9. Penny Paper Co.

I could stare at this newsletter all day long. I mean, the gold, the green, the black, the white... it's just well put together.

They aren't just selling their paper products here, they're showing you how to use them. Why in the world didn't I think of this? Sure, you can buy our paper products as gifts... but you can also use them to make your gifts look all kinds of pretty.

Who doesn't love a beautifully wrapped gift? It's almost the best part isn't it? Giving your customers gift wrap inspiration is nothing short of perfection. 

Now I HAVE to go buy everything so my presents under the tree look this pretty.


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Penny Paper Co


10. Purina

Alright, this newsletter is so dang fun! Rather than just selling their product, they're giving helpful and useful info to their audience. Totally banking on the fact that they KNOW exactly who their audience is.

They're showing their customers how they can make a fun cat toy with items you probably already have laying around the house... using their catnip of course.

This kind of newsletter is straight up epic, they're not shoving their products down your throat. In fact, you don't even feel like they're selling anything to you. Sneaky little critters aren't they?

Send a newsletter like this to your audience and you're SURE to win their love this Holiday season.


11 Holiday newsletter to mimic this season - Purina


11. Sephora

The thing I love about this newsletter, is that they named this it specifically for the Holidays. Naming your newsletter is a fun marketing strategy that tends to work. Even if it's done just temporarily.

Naming this one Giftopia makes their customers feel like they're entering a whole other magical land that's going to fulfill all their gifting needs. 

They were sure to include a few of their favorite items, in all different price ranges... showing their star rating. This helps those of us that just can't make up our minds... it gives us that little extra nudge.

They literally wrapped up this newsletter and handed it to you with a bow... and when you opened it up, it fulfilled all your needs this season.


Sephora holiday newsletter best ideas.jpg


Alright, now that you're brain is racked with TONS of ideas for your Holiday newsletter, get to work homie. Seriously, newsletters are 100% necessary to boosting sales all year round... but during the Holidays, it's a freaking gold mind.

Now take a few ideas from this post and go create a some bomb ass newsletters that look professionally done... on a poor girls budget. You got this! Your customers will totally think you have a super high end, expensive marketing team on your side this season. Little do they know. 

Click the button below to snatch my FREE Holiday Template you can use to get started. Just edit it to say whatever you'd like and voila... you've got one newsletter down :)