Instagram Tips: Get my FREE E-Book "Instagram King" 3 Things You Can Do Today To Start Killin' it on Instagram

Ready for some Instagram Tips that'll have you killin' it on Instagram? I know how it is... you've got an Instagram account for your business and are waiting to become instant IG famous. Well honey, nothing comes without a little effort. It's tough sitting back and seeing everyone else flourish on IG while you're just barely getting by… maybe getting 1-2 new followers a day, am I right?

I'm here to tell you that it's possible to get 1k new followers a MONTH. Want to know the secret? You've got to work at it, you need to start setting goals and you've got to start giving a f**k!

Instagram tips

These Instagram Tips are a good start to get your ass in shape and start taking this social media platform serious. Because if you're not, someone else is… and I'm sure you can guess who's making more money. 

And P.S. just because someone has 27k followers, does NOT mean they're rolling in the dough. Numbers mean absolutely nothing if they aren't relevant followers, who become paying customers or readers of your blog. There is a right and a wrong way to use Instagram and I see way too many people using it wrong. They're pretty much walking aimlessly in the dark, even though they're posting constantly and spending a ton of time on IG. You can get burned out way to easy if you don't know what you're doing. 

Instagram is SO worth the effort, if you know exactly what you're doing. After doing a poll with my customers, I found that 70% of them found me through Instagram… that number is f***ing HUGE guys. Seriously, Instagram is where it's at for small business owners and bloggers. 

Shit, It's pretty much free advertising. I'm giving away 3 Instagram Tips on how I grew MY Instagram following from 75 followers to 10k followers in just 9 months and I'm telling you, you've got to download it NOW!