PR Myths Exposed: You're going to be shocked!

Are your ready for this post? I don't think you are. This post may crash your entire world… and honestly, I hope it does. I hope this post opens your eyes to the biggest PR myths exposed and makes you realize, press isn't as hard to obtain as most would think. 

I'm stripping down to my skivvies and baring it all.

Why isn't anyone talking about this? Well I'm here to tell you that I'm your go to gal when it comes to this topic. I'm not afraid to share it all with you. I'm exposing the truth to you guys, my homies. Have questions? Ask me.

PR myths exposed

I'll be the first to admit that yes, I have paid for PR, as well as doing it on my own. My first full year in business I did all my PR myself. This year I did hire a PR agency for about 6 months to see how it went. Let's just say after those 6 months, I decided to continue doing PR myself. So are you ready for the top 5 PR myths exposed???

1. You can't afford PR

Okay yes, if you hire a PR firm, you probably can't afford it right now. They can easily charge around $3k a month (sometimes more, sometimes less). But what you DON'T know is that you're absolutely capable of doing PR in house. 

Even startups with ZERO budgets are able to start working on press, stat! Most people think, 'I'll start working on press when we've got the funds'. This mindset is total bullshit and completely backwards. You absolutely don't have to wait. This is something all small business are fully capable of doing without spending a dime. 

2. I need to hire a pr firm- i have no connections

When I started doing my own PR in 2014, I had ZERO connections. I'm going to repeat that for you, Z E R O connections. This is NO lie, I didn't have a secret connection that linked me to someone who knows someone that helped me get my foot in the door. I was just a girl with a dream, a pretty far fetched dream at that. Sure, having connections would've made things go a lot quicker, but it's absolutely doable if you're starting from scratch. Actually, the most fun part of all of this was making those connections for the first time. I remember when I received a personal email from Jaime King, I literally started dancing right there in my office with a HUGE smile on my face. I couldn't believe that I had actually made a connection with someone I admired SO much. That my hard work just paid off. I always dreamed of these moments… I just didn't think of the possibilities if they actually DID happen. 

The fact is, celebrities, influencers, role models, producers, editors… they're people just like us and are absolutely reachable if you reach out to the right person. Checkout this post How Getting Press Has Effected My Business to hear about those connections I've made that I NEVER thought I could. 

3. PR is your 15 minutes of fame

You know the saying, 'It's your 15 minutes of fame". This statements implies that when you receive press, you're in the lime light for a bit and then it passes. Hell to the no! When you or your brand gets any form of press… it is NOT over in 15 minutes or even 15 days. You get bragging rights fo' life people. You get to brag about it across every form of social media you have. Tell all your friends and family. Tell people you dream of collaborating with. Announce the excitement through your newsletter. And most importantly, add it to your website so that every potential customer that comes to your site can see it, hears about it and knows about it. 

Peeps, when you get press… don't let that shit fade, EVER! You earned that, most likely worked hard for it and are super proud of it.

4. PR get's you priceless contacts

Not always, one of the biggest down sides of working with a PR firm is when you decide to part ways, all those contacts you were able to make, stays with the firm. What does that mean? When Gwen Stefani's assistant reached out to you last month for product, they  most likely reached out to your PR firm, that contact belongs to the firm, NOT you! When you're no longer working with the firm, you no longer have access to that contact. Sure, Gwen's assistant probably still remembers your brand, but you're not able to contact them whenever you like. Shitty isn't it?

Can you imagine working with a major TV show or magazine editor and then all the sudden at the drop of a hat you're no longer able to connect with them, even though you guys built this awesome relationship? Unless that major contact starts communicating with you directly via email or phone, their information is usually not passed down to you.

5. PR creates amazing relationships

This one kinda rubs me the wrong way, mostly because I believe no one can tell my story as good as ME and no one represents my business as good as I can. When you have a PR firm working for you, they become the middle man. They are your contact between you and the editors, producers, celebrities, bloggers, etc. What does that mean? It means that your PR people are the ones interacting with these influencers, they're the ones building these amazing relationships with them…. NOT YOU! A lot of the time you don't even get to interact with any of these people.


Alright… depressing I know. Sorry to burst that big bubble of yours. But, there is an up side to all of this. Most of the things I mentioned don't even apply when you do your own PR. When you do it yourself you save money, have a little black book full of contact information for all those amazing people (and can reach out WHENEVER you like) and get to build these kick ass relationships personally, whoop whoop!

Stay tuned because I've got something up my sleeve for you guys wanting to start getting press like, yesterday. It'll be jam packed with tons of information that you don't want to miss… trust me!