How to Edit Your Instagram Photos

Hey, hey! So you're ready to up your game on Instagram but not quite sure how. I totally know how it feels to be in the rabbit hole of Instagram and find someones page that is so on fleek (haha, I'm totally joking, I don't even know what that word means, I meant "on point"). You start thinking… how in the hell does she edit her photos? They all look so glamorous and pretty, or street and edgy… pretty much everything your feed isn't. Totally feed crushin' here.  Today I'm helping you get on the right track and start becoming that person someone else "feed crushes" over. 

Instagram editing made easy… with your phone!!!

Little do you know, that person you secretly envy… most likely looked like a hot mess outside of the photo, with a cardboard, window and tons of props (we never show this part of course). Except for today. Today I'm showing you how to edit your Instagram photos in a matter of minutes using only your phone. P.S. don't forget to snatch my Free Instagram King E-Book with more tips on how to grow your following here

How to edit your Instagram photos


First things first, you've got to choose the right background. Most of the time for me, this is anything white or very light. If I'm photographing an individual, I like to find a solid background. My office wall is what I use most of the time (it's an off white color). Don't worry, I'm not completely boring… I'll sometimes use one of my rugs with a fancy pattern in it, but I try to make sure it does have some white elements to it. 

If I'm photographing my products, I almost always use a poster board. Go to your local Hobby Lobby or even Walmart and snatch up 2-3 white ones (they get dirty easy) and a few pops of color for fun. Poster boards are your new best friend guys, no joke. Ever see those fun color blocking photos where the background is half white and half blue of half green and half pink? They used poster board. You simply just lay one over the other making any shape or angle you like and voila… you're a professional photo stylist. 

I've listed a few ideas for backgrounds below:

  • solid wall
  • hardwood floor
  • rug
  • concrete pad
  • wrapping paper
  • fabric
  • blanket
  • poster board


Lighting is the MOST important part of taking photos. I don't know how many tutorials I see that require a light kit of some sort, or a bazillion lamps. As much as that would be nice, we don't all have the money to invest in one… alternative? Use your window instead.  No fancy equipment needed here peeps. Just set up your shot in front of your living room window. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when using their window for natural lighting, they open the blinds so the sun is scorching the crap out of the items you're photographing. This is NOT what we mean by natural light. What you really want is a soft overcast of light. In the first photo below, you'll see what I mean, my blinds are open and you can see the hard sun on the cardboard. In the second photo, you'll see that I closed my blinds up a bit in order eliminate any direct sunlight. This is what you want. 

edit your instagram photos


After you've taken your photo, it's a must that you doctor it up a bit. You'll see in the photo below a few of my fave photo editing apps, I go through them all in my Instagram King Course. Although, there are two major ones that you MUST have, Pic Tap Go and Facetune. These are the top two you'll need to edit your Instagram photos (or at least the ones I use anyway). 

The first photo below is the shot I took right in front of my window using a white poster board. As you can see, it's clean and simple. Although, the lighting is still a bit off and the photo just isn't popping out at you. Here's what you need to do.

how to edit your instagram photos

Open Pic Tap Go and choose a photo from your library. Once a photo has been chosen, it will show all the filters below it. They do have a store, although I've never purchase any additional filters. You'll want to mess around here a bit and see which filters work for you and your brand. Today I'm showing you which ones I use. For this photo I used "Lights On". In the photo below to the right you'll see the swipe tool. If turned down to the left, the filter will barely show. If turned all the way to the right, the filter will be at it's max. I swiped it clear to the right for the max.

I then used "Crispity". Again, I used this filter to the max. Lights On helps get the lighting just right (hint: I sometimes use this filter twice on top of each other if my photo was originally super dark). Crispity adds detail to the photo and increases any coloring to help give it that crisp pop of color. Again, find which works best for you. Even when I use other filters (which is super rare), I almost always still use these two with it. 

how to edit your instagram photos

Below is the before and after photo. You'll see that even though my lighting on the left was with natural light, the photo to the right looks much more bright without compromising the colors of my products. In fact, the colors look even better and almost pop off the page, thanks to Crispity. 

You will notice that my background is not completely white. That's okay, I actually like having a bit of a shadow in my photos to make it feel more "real life" and not so perfect. I find that if I see photos with a perfectly white background I feel a bit disconnected to it, like it was just a stock photo. I like my photos to have a "lifestyle" feel to them. 

How to edit your Instagram Photos


In the after photo you may have noticed a tiny red dot above the left side of the maroon headband. This tiny red dot is killin' me and has been on my phone camera for months, I can't get rid of it. Now you may not have any spots from your camera but you may take a photo and realize later that a piece of lint or hair fell onto the poster board before you snapped the pic. Don't fret, we can fix it in a matter of second. 

The second App I use religiously is Facetune (shown in the image at the beginning of this post). Open Facetune, click on the camera icon in the top left corner and choose your photo. Then click on the "Patch" tool in the bottom of the app and zoom in on the spot. Tap your finger on the spot… that's it! It's gone like magic. 

edit your instagram photos
edit your instagram photos

That's is, that's how to edit your Instagram photos. Easy peasy, right? Good luck with your editing and I can't wait for your feed to start looking how you've always wanted it to. Make sure to check out more Instagram tips & tricks from my free ebook here

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