6 Newsletter Designs You Can Steal


Okay, so in case you haven't been following along and don't already know... I love me some good newsletter design. In fact, newsletters and my email list has become my numero uno focus these days. Especially since all the algorithm hoopla with Instagram. I'm not gunna lie, Instagram has been a little lame lately. I hate that I have to pay to promote my posts so my followers see them now. 

So newsletters have been my new jam and let me tell ya... I'm quite possibly in love. The fact that I know each and every one of my subscribers will be getting my weekly newsletter in their inboxes, and I don't have to pay to get them there... makes me all kinds of happy. (not to mention my sales have consistently gone up every week I send a newsletter, high five)

So in hopes to get you on board with this newsletter thang too, today I'm giving you 6 newsletter designs you can steal and make your own (hollar). No need to rack your brain with ideas on what to send or how to design it. I already did the hard work FOR you. Just take a look at the post below and get to work :)

P.S. if you want to get the EXACT fonts, color codes and images I used in each design, download the detail sheet HERE.

6 email newsletter designs you can steal


1. A Welcome Email

If you don't already have one, I highly suggest creating one ASAP. A welcome email is an email that gets sent immediately after someone subscribes to your newsletter. Depending on your email service provider, it's super easy to setup and should take you no more than 20 minutes.

Your welcome email is the perfect way to introduce your brand, say hello and offer immediate value to your audience. If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know that I suggest offering your audience an incentive to sign up. Something like 10% off your first order, or get my free style guide, or shop this collection first, when you sign up.

Whatever you offered your peeps when they signed up, you should include in your first welcome email. It's like the mailman delivering what they orders right to their inbox. You better hold up to your promise or you lose their trust right off the bat.

The welcome email below is a super clean, fun and informative email design that's super easy to steal. I created this in Canva so you can literally copy it exactly or create something similar if you wish.

Email Newsletter Designs You Can Steal


2. Product Announcement Email

Have a new product coming out? Or maybe some new prints that'll be released soon? A product announcement email is your new bestie. It's super informative, exciting and gets your audience to shop your latest items. It's a win, win, win!

Sometimes wimple is best. I'm loving this design below. It's simple, clean, visually appealing... yet, gets the point across.

This design was also created in Canva so it's super easy to replicate. Just insert your own product pics and voila! You've got yourself a fresh, clean newsletter ready to be sent out.

Email Newsletter Designs You Can Steal


3. Big Sale Email

Sale emails are so fun. But, so many times I see small business owners over thinking it. They add tons of product photos all cluttered together thinking it'll help sell more items. Just stop!

No one wants their inbox cluttered with emails that just look messy and are hard to understand. Too many photos can often confuse your audience leaving them to delete or move past your email. Ain't nobody got time for that lol.

Instead, try going with a simple design with a message that's all up in yo' face. Trust me, it'll get the message across. There's no question as to what this email is about. Big sale!!!!

It states the sell, discount, shop button, eye catching image... AND it sets the mood for your audience, making them feel something. Like, Summer's here and I want to save me some freaking money!

This design also created in Canva. I just searched "water" to find this free image in their database.


Email Newsletter Designs You Can Steal 3.png


4. Big News Email

Have some big news to share? This email is perfect for you. Maybe you're shops opening back up in a week, or you'll be at this weekends handmade market, or you've got a restock happening. Whatever it is, make sure you let your newsletter subscribers know!

Big news emails can drastically boost sales. It's exciting, fun and if you use the right image... can get your audience in the mood for a shopping spree. 

These type of emails really build trust and loyalty with your audience. They've got the inside scoop and hearing the news first. Everyone feels like your bestie now.

The design below can be replicated in Canva.

Email Newsletter Designs You Can Steal


5. Blog Post Email

Every once in awhile we've got a blog post that's just too good not to share with our subscribers. But it's not enough to just copy and paste the post into this weeks newsletter (trust me, I see this all the time). 

First off, people don't feel they have all the time in the world to read a super long blog post in their emails... but if they're directed to a blog post, magically they've all the sudden got all the time in the world. I guess people just don't like hanging out in their inboxes all day.

I've found the best way to share your post is to leave the post where it is... on your BLOG. Then send a newsletter with a call-to-action and button that redirects them straight to your post. This will save you a TON of time (time is money honey).

Also,if your post includes a video, make sure to let them know. For some reason when you include the word video... or better yet, include a clip of the video with a PLAY button... more people are inclined to go check it out. Video content is the bees knees yo!

The design below was created in Canva. I just uploaded a PNG image I had of an iPad and inserted my picture on the screen. Looks legit right?


Email Newsletter Designs You Can Steal


6. Ask A Question Email

Asking your audience a question is always a fun idea for your newsletter. It makes them feel important, like your asking for their opinion (everyone wants to share their opinion right?!). Also, if related to your products, it gets them intensely thinking about your items, which gets them invested.

They start to really think and then bam... you've got a new order (whoop whoop). TWO things I would add to an email like this (that I didn't include below), a link back to your website so they can shop immediately... and some text that says something like "reply to this email and let us know".

The first time I did something like that I thought, duh... no one will reply. But holy crap, you'll be surprised by how many people reply. Simply because you asked them to.

The design below was created in Canva. Just swap out my product pics for yours and you're set!


email Newsletter Designs You Can Steal


Well there you have it. I hope this post gets you excited to start working on your email newsletter. It'll definitely save you some time (time is money) when it comes to working on your designs. I just handed 6 designs right to ya. High five!

Make sure to to download the information sheet, by clicking below, where I share the fonts, color codes and images I used to design all 6 of these emails.