6 Newsletter Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Imagine that Instagram went down tomorrow... holy freaking crap, I know, what the hell would we do?!?!?! It's everyone's biggest nightmare. I have 20k+ IG fans and if for any reason at all it went down tomorrow, there's NO way I could reach 20k people again.

It's a terrifying thought. This is exactly why I not only started my email list... but freaking cherished it like it was my first born child. After all, an email list is all mine... I own that shit and no one can ever take it away. 

But to my surprise, after I started growing my email list and figured out the secret sauce to sending some pretty killer newsletters to my fans, my sales started to skyrocket. Although at first, I remember twiddling my thumbs with what to even send in my newsletters and how often I should send them. So my friend, today I thought I'd share with you 6 newsletter ideas your customers will love! Because, why the heck not?

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6 newsletter ideas your customers will love

So the problem with most businesses and newsletters is... they send crappy stuff to their customers inboxes. The type of stuff that makes people want to unsubscribe, or not even open your emails (yuck).

It's important to keep your newsletters poppin'... like your favorite DJ spinning your favorite record. 

The last thing I want is for my Gangsta Boss's to be THAT brand that no one wants in their inbox. The newsletter that never gets opened. The brand that just flat out send duds through virtual space. Read through this post and you're bound to be the brand your customers crave to see in their in box. 

1. Q & A Newsletters

There's no doubt you've had a customer here and there pop up in your inbox with questions about your products, brand, blog post, etc.  Chances are, if one person is asking... others are wondering the same thing. 

Creating a newsletter around answering frequently asked questions or addressing a particularly interesting question, is almost genius.

First of all, you already know it's something your customers are interested in and actually want to read about... otherwise, they wouldn't have asked. They're literally handing you a newsletter topic on a silver platter... take advantage (and say thank you very much). 

For example, if a customer sends a question about how your items fit... are they true to size, run big, run small, etc? Write your next newsletter focusing on your sizing.

Creating a chart with measurements, or maybe some tips for choosing the right size for you.

If a customer asks about shipping and how long it will take (even though it's already listed on your website, chances are that others are wondering too). Focus your next newsletter around your shipping policies and how long it takes from purchasing, to get to their doorstep. If you really want to WOW your customer, create a really cool infographic.

2. INteresting articles

The thing most small businesses get wrong with newsletters, is they think they can only send information about their brand or products. This couldn't be farther from the truth. 

It's important to send your customers things you know they'll love. 

That's why sending an article you recently read, fell in love with and instantly knew your people would LOVE too, is one of the best ideas ever. 

Maybe you're a shop that sells athletic wear and recently came across an article with a quick 20 minute workout you can do in your own home. Uhhh, you better believe your customers will love you for to passing that along.

Maybe you're a brand that has to do with travel... send that interesting read you discovered about how to travel on a budget. Trust me, your customers will LOVE you for this.

Not only will they love the info you passed on, they'll start to feel like your BFF's and really connect with your brand. Can you say, super fans?!?!


3. Special offers and coupons

Okay, so this may sound like a no brainer but... any time you have a sale or promotion, send it in your freaking newsletter. I don't know how many brands only post sales on social media and never think to send it to their email list.

I had a friend who has a pretty killer brand, she hosts sales every now and then so I told her next time you run a sale, send it to your email list and see what happens.

She reported back and was blown away by the response. She said she had added an additional $8k of sales just that day, as a result of announcing the sale in her newsletter.

She was freaking out that she hadn't been utilizing her email list a long time ago. 

For an extra incentive... try sending the sale to your email list a few hours before the sale begins. This will make your email list feel super special, like they just got invited to sit at the cool table at lunch. Make sure you let them know they have an exclusive head start.

4. New Releases

Anytime you add an item to the shop, let everyone and their dog know. This might sound like.. duh Lindsay... but, no one can ever buy a product from you, unless you let them know it's there for them to purchase.

The constant reminder is what gets them to buy. They already love your brand, otherwise they wouldn't have signed up for your newsletter (it's serious biz when they give you their email address), so let them know when you've got something new. 

Not only that, but they BETTER be the first to hear about your new products, because they're your biggest fans (they've earned it). Keep feeding the dragon homie. 

If your most popular blanket just came out in a new color, make a HUGE deal about it. Don't act like it's not a big deal, it's your top seller and it just came out in the coolest color ever, let people know so they can go snatch it up NOW!

5. product demo or how to video 

This may be one of my favorites. In case you haven't heard, video content is on the up and up. If you're not already doing SOME video content, you're missing out. 

You've probably already noticed those videos popping up in your Facebook feed everyday, whether it be recipe videos to how to videos, they're everywhere. Because everyone wants video right now.

Create fun little videos of how to use your products. Give a quick demo of how they work. How easy it is to use. How practical they are.

Your customers will go cray cray over this. No joke, I dare you to try it and see what happens.

You don't have to go all fancy shmancy here. Go to a room with a window for some good natural lighting and hit record on your iPhone. that's it. 

This fun little idea will give your customers a breath of fresh air. Something new to open in their inbox. You'll definitely stand out above the crowd in their inbox and keep them craving more from your brand. After all, you're going above and beyond for THEM.

6. Exclusive sneak peeks

Your fans didn't sign up for your newsletter for no reason. They better get the behind the scenes look, the peeks at products that haven't even come out yet, the exclusive look into your latest collection.

THIS is what your customers want. This is what they came for. They want to feel like that person who has a friend on the inside of the Beyonce concert who can get you backstage passes.

Entice them, make them feel special, make them feel like the only opinion that matters is theirs.

THIS my friend, is what makes your brand special. Giving your email list an exclusive look before photos have been released to the public, will make them want to give you their first born (okay, maybe I'm going a little far lol). But trust me, you WILL be the coolest brand around in their eyes.

Even if you just send a sneak peek a day before... or even a few hours before you release to the public, it's enough.

So the next time you're working on a special project or getting ready to release a new collection, send an exclusive sneak peek to your list. This newsletter is sure to be a popular one.

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Now you don't have an excuse for not sending newsletters. Get to it homie and watch your sales double or even triple.

See you Saturday!