6 Newsletter Tips to Explode Black Friday Sales

Alright, so Black Friday is quickly approaching and as a small shop owner, we want to do EVERYTHING we can to boost those sales.... am I right?

Well you came to the right place my friend because I'm giving  you 6 newsletter tips to explode your Black Friday sales this year. These are all actionable tips that you can start applying now. 

Sales don't just roll in on their own, you have to put some work into it and trust me, you don't want to skip any of these newsletter tips. Do them all and you're sure to boost those Black Friday Sales like a freaking boss.

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6 newsletter tips to explode black friday sales

1. Schedule Your Emails Ahead of Time


The WORST thing you can do this Holiday season, is send each email out individually... one at a time. Eeek, pull my hair out right now!

Most email providers allow you to create, design + schedule your emails in advance, so freaking do it! Trust me, you don't want the stress of sending emails out one by one. This forces you to finalize your email campaign ahead of time, along with the sales you'll be running. Killing two birds with one stone... my kinda stone ;)

Scheduling ahead of time will allow you to get more accomplished, stay organized and relax a bit before the storm of Holiday sales comes rushing through. This will help things go off without a hitch.

You'll be able to monitor your emails and make sure they're going out when scheduled. Timing is everything. The last thing you want is an email going out a day after it was supposed to. That could cost you thousands of dollars in sales. 

So here's what you want to do:

1) Finalized the sales you'll be running. 2) Finalize + pencil in the dates... when the sale will start and when it'll end. 3) Design the emails you'll be sending out before and during the sale 4) Schedule all your emails to coincide with dates you've penciled in. 

So instead of random emails showing up at random times in your email lists inbox, you KNOW exactly when your list will be receiving which email and you'll be able to track its performance.

2. Re-send Emails to THE NON-OPEN LIST


This is one of my favorite tricks ever and may be one of the most effective. Here's the thing, not everyone on your list is going to open every single one of your emails... we can dream right? But sometimes we send SUPER important info to them that we absolutely DO NOT want them to miss. Like our super awesome Black Friday Sale, right?

So try sending just the non-openers the EXACT same email again... only changing the subject line. If you do this within a day of the original send time, chances are... you'll get a few more opens and it'll boost engagement. Hollar!

Now all those people that may have missed your first email, never saw anything about your sale... just might see it the second time. 

Most email providers allow you to view who opened and who didn't open your email, and make it easy to send to that specific segmented group of non-openers. 

In Mailchimp, you'll want to replicate your campaign. When you get to the Recipients part of the email, click on Group or New Segment.

Click Subscribers Match, and choose All.

For the first condition, click on Campaign Activity | Was Sent | then choose the campaign name.

Then click Add. For the second condition click on Campaign Activity | Did Not Open | and choose the campaign name.

Click Update Recipient Count and you'll see how many subscribers meet your criteria. 

Then go ahead and continue with Campaign Builder and schedule or send out your campaign.

Easy peasy right?

3. Encourage your visitors to subscribe

This might sound like a no brainer, but seriously, encourage the crap out of everyone to sign up. I mean, blast it everywhere!!!

You want to set up at LEAST 3 places on your website asking them to sign up. I suggest having a pop-up, a form at the footer of your website + a banner at the header of your website.

The more people sign up for your newsletter, the more people will hear and participate in your sale. They'll never know about it if they never sign up and receive your emails right?

So make it a goal to target new visitors to sign up right before and during the Holidays. Besides, you don't want them missing out on some HUGE savings during Black Friday right?

Make sure you let them know what they'll be getting when signing up, and enticing them to opt-in. Rather than just adding a box that says sign up for our newsletters... add something that says, sign up for our newsletter to hear about our HUGE Black Friday Sale first!

Another quick tip to help boost subscribers is to ask all of your followers across all social media platforms to sign up! When I announced on Instagram that I was holding a huge sale, exclusive to our email list. Telling them to sign up pronto (and adding a direct sign up link in my profile), I instantly got 500 new email subscriber. Whoop whoop!

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4. Start early / build hype

One of the best things you can do for your Black Friday Sale is to build hype around it. Get your audience, followers, email list, etc. waiting on the edge of their seat for your sale to go live. 

You can't send an email the day of your sale and expect your email list to go crazy over it, especially if it's the first time they're hearing about it. People like to make a list and figure out what they're buying for each person. Let them know about your sale in advance and they'll have enough time to pick each item they want to grab during your sale. Trust me, this one is crucial!

So here's what you want to do, send an email out around 5-7 days announcing that your sale is coming. Then send an email some time before it starts, reminding them of the sale. And then send another as soon as the sale starts. 

This will keep them excited and ready to start shopping!

If you need some design ideas for your Newsletter during the Holidays, make sure to checkout THIS post. 

5. Give Discount after Discount

The single thing people love most about Black Friday, is a good discount. They get to save some freaking money right?

Nothing will encourage your audience more than making them feel like they're getting the deal of the freaking century. There are a few ways to do this, but my favorite is to stack on the discounts.

So let's say your Black Friday sale is going to be 40% off site wide. Perfect, that's already a killer deal, cheers to you. Now, if you add another discount on top of that... like FREE shipping! You're bound to turn some window shoppers into shopaholic customers of yours. 

I don't know what it is about stacked discount codes but people really feel like they're cheating the system some how and getting something for practically nothing. Seeing TWO discounts stacked on top of each other at checkout really gets people excited!

6. Create urgency

I cannot stress this one enough. Have you ever wanted something so bad and saw that it finally went on sale, but only until tonight? Yeah, I know the feeling. What do you do, go buy it NOW before it's too late.

Retailers do this on purpose because they don't want you to "think" about it, they don't want you to come back later... they want to make the sale right NOW!

Using this same tactic during Black Friday is crucial to boosting those sales up a hefty percent. 

So here's what you want to do:

1. Use words like "24 hour sale", "Black Friday Sale only", "Cyber Monday", "End Tonight", etc. This let's people know that they're on a strict deadline.

2. Use words like "hurry before they're gone", "while supplies last", "limited time one". This gets people on their toes and ready to take some action.

3. Use a timer. This one is probably my favorite tip. For some reason, when you ad a countdown timer to your email, people feel the pressure. They can visually see that they only have 2 hours 34 minutes left to save some money. 

In order to add a timer to your newsletter, just click HERE, it's totally free and customizable so you can make it whatever colors you'd like.

Alright, now let's go slay those Black Friday Sales. Make sure to click the button below to grab the Ultimate Black Friday Schedule to make sure you skyrocket your Holiday sales this year!