6 Things You Should Always Include in Your Newsletter

Can we talk newsletters for a minute? Good! Newsletters have been my bread and butter lately. Seriously, since I've been sending out consistent newsletters for my baby/kids brand, my sales have consistently increased. Every month going up and up.

So it only makes sense for me to share the wealth right? So today I'm sharing 6 things you should always include in your newsletter. These 6 things are crucial in order to turn email list subscribers, into paying customers.

Ready to dive in? Sweet, 

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6 things you should always include in your newsletter

When your designing your next newsletter, make sure to gown down the list and check off all 6 of these tips. Do that and you're sure to have a successful newsletter every time :)


1. Good Subject Line

First off, it doesn't matter what you put in your newsletter if no one ever opens it... right? The first thing your audience reads is your subject line. This is how it goes...

Reader opens up inbox, they scroll through their inbox and read subject lines of unopened emails, they then decide which emails to open, which to skip and which to delete... solely based off the subject line.

Your goal is to never be the one they delete. We want our emails to be in the popular group, you know... the one that everyone wants to sit by.

I've realized that most people think about the subject line last. They write/design an epic email, slap a quick subject line on it and call it a day. This is completely backwards. You're subject line should be the FIRST thing you think about. 

Pro Tip: 

Keep it short, under 40 characters is ideal. Keep it relevant to your email (don't do the bate and switch). Peak their interest... ask a question, give a command, say something unexpected, give them a little taste of what's inside... you'll build enough curiosity to get them to click on your email.


2. Your Logo

When you brand your emails, you're setting your newsletters apart from their crowded inbox. Trust me, you DON'T want to get lost in the crowd.

I've read emails all the way to the end before realizing who they were from... sometimes, I wouldn't have even known if I hadn't checked the email address. Don't assume people know your email. Make it clear... up front and center EXACTLY who this email is from. This way they aren't wondering aimlessly through your email without the slightest clue of who sent it. 

Adding your logo also helps build trust. Trust is KEY with newsletters, once you build trust with your audience... that's when they start to feel comfortable buying (high five). Every time they open up your email, see your logo, look at your design and read your content... they start to associate your brand with your voice.

Pro Tip: 

Make your logo the very first thing your audience sees by placing it at the very top and center of your email. If you have a condensed version of your logo, feel free to use that. The more simple it is, the better. Then leave some whitespace sit around it. It'll help accentuate the importance and meaning behind your brand.


3. Eye-Catching Image

Second to your logo, images are the FIRST thing your people see before actually reading your email. Now unless you're a service based business, images are crucial to your newsletters success.

A good image will capture your audiences attention and get them to associate with your brand. Have you ever opened an email and just saw such an eye-catching image and thought to yourself... this brand totally knows me? Yeah, that's how I feel when I get an email from Nasty Gal. Their graphics are always spot on with their audience and I feel like they're always sending me the best stuff.

This is how you want your audience to feel, and will create that for you.

Pro Tip:

Only use images that are on brand for you. That tell a story and make your audience feel something when they look at it. Remember, you don't always have to use your own images... you can purchase or use free stock photos too. As long as they're relevant to your email and convey the message you're trying to get across.


4. Useful / Relevant Info

People signed up for your newsletter because they want to hear from you. They want to know more about your business and want to get the inside scoop on sales and new items. Make sure you give it to them.

Continue to feed them content they signed up for. Never, ever send anything that's not on brand for you. 

Pro Tip:

Sit down and think about who your audience is, what they like to do in their free time, what kind of movies do they watch and what blogs do they like to follow. Now make a list of 3 topics / categories your audience would be interested in. 

These are 3 topics outside of your business space. For example, my audience is filled with mothers. 3 topics they might be interested in is, healthy dinner recipes... interesting articles about mothering and mommy friendly outfit ideas. 

Now sprinkle 1 one of those topics into your regular newsletter once a month.


5. Call-to-Action

Okay this one is probably the most important one to follow. Your newsletters need to have a call to action, this is where you encourage them to do something next. Without a call to action, your newsletter is a dead end. Meaning, they'll open your email, read it and move on with there day.

But we don't want them to stop there. We want them to go to your website and buy something, or click on the link to your blog post... you need to give them a next step. 

Pro Tip:

Add a "shop now" button, or "click here" button or "read this post" button. This allows your audience to move past your emails and interact with you on your website. And hopefully, browse around for a bit and then hit "buy".


6. Social Share Buttons 

Okay, this one is probably my favorite tip. Most people add a social FOLLOW button at the end of their email. But why? They're already apart of your audience via your newsletter, no need to have them follow you elsewhere (although it would be nice). But ultimately, they're already on your list.

Don't waste time trying to get them to follow you on social media. Instead, add some social SHARE buttons. Now when they hit those buttons, they send your email along to a friend. This broadens your audience... and your news gets spread quicker (high five).

Pro Tip:

Add a sentence before your social share buttons that say something like "Have a friend that would love this? Click below to share it with them". You'll be surprised by how many people actually do share :)

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