Creating Killer Call to Actions to Boost Engagement & Sales

Hey Gangsta Boss!

Have you ever come across an Instagram account and noticed they get tons of likes, tons of comments... and just tons of engagement overall? Trust me, we've all been there. 

It's no fun to have an IG account filled with a certain amount of followers, only to never have a conversation with them. To never creating any sort of dialog with them. To never having them feel connected to your brand and wanting to actually hang out with you. So today, I'm showing you how to create some killer call to actions in order to boost engagement and sales with Instagram. 

You want to be the cool brand, you want people raving about you, you want your followers to feel apart of your brand and have actual real conversations with not only you, but others as well.

When your followers start having conversation amongst one another, that's when you know you've done something right. That's when your brand really starts to take off. Trust me, that's when some pretty amazing things will start to happen for you and your brand.

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Instagram marketing. Creating killer call to actions to increase engagement and sales

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Let's back up a bit here and talk about what a call to action is, just in case you aren't familiar with the term. A call to action is a statement that prompts your audience, customers, visitors etc. to take some sort of action. Whether it be to download your e-book, to purchase your items, to share your content, sign up for your next event... I think you get the point.

There are SO many different call to actions you can post on Instagram, so today we're going to talk about a few of them.

1. Funny

You're probably already following an account or two that you just love seeing their posts pop up in your feed. You know the one, the one that always makes you literally laugh out loud and want to tag that friend with the almost inappropriate sense of humor. 

You probably just think these are funny quotes the account posted to make you laugh... well you're only half right homie. It's more strategic than you think. Any post that makes your followers FEEL any certain way, is a home run my friend.

Especially the ones that make you laugh. Why? Because the first thing you want to do is share it. Whether it's showing it to your husband who's laying in bed next to you, tagging your friends with something like (this is so you) or re-sharing it on your own page. 

Your first thought is to share this content with the world. Pretty f*cking sneaky isn't it? Just a simple quote you thought meant almost nothing, was actually pretty dam intentional. It's not just a stupid teenager behind their phone running this account... they're a genius!!!

Below is an example of a funny post that most people can and will relate to. Adding a caption with a strong call to action like

"Tag a friend below, you KNOW would appreciate this."


Actually asking your audience to tag someone, will actually get them to do it. Trust me, people like being told what to do next. And if 10 people tag 2 friends each, you just reached 20 more people yo! Can you say FREE exposure???

Instagram marketing call to actions

Action Item: Find or create a quote you KNOW your audience will love. If your audience is mostly teenagers, find a funny quote about school. If your audience is mostly mothers, find a funny mom quote. If your audience is mostly golfers, find a funny golf quote. If your audience is mostly business owners, find a funny entrepreneurial quote. 

2. All up in yo' face

Okay, this next type of call to action is everything it says... all up in yo' face. This is where you actually have your call to action posted in the image itself, rather than in the caption.

You're being super blunt here and leaving no room for anyone to not know what you're asking of them. It might seem a little too much but honestly, these types of call to actions have been my most responsive post. 

It's like if you were to walk by someone at the store and they asked you a question... would you just keep walking and never answer back, probably not because then you're just a big meany. As much as the internet is so different than real life (but is it really?), your audience will feel obligated to answer you... as long as the call to action relates and makes sense to them.

Below is an example of the perfect... All Up In Yo' Face... call to action. Post this, and I'm pretty positive all the Oreo loving snobs out there will tag away.

Again, helping you reach a much larger audience. Chances are, you'll gain more followers from a post like this, receive tons of comment (which boosts your posts to the top of the feed for maximum exposure) and will create conversations amongst your audience.  

If I post something like this, most times I don't care to have a witty caption... or even a caption at all. The post speaks for itself. But If I do, I'll usually just throw in a few hashtags.

"#oreos #oreolover #besties #bff"


Instagram marketing tips and tricks for call to actions

Action Item: Think of the perfect call to action you can put into an image. Something that your audience will relate to and is on brand for you.

3. Sentimental

So this one is from the heart right? It makes you feel all the fuzzies inside and probably makes you want to tag your husband, your father, or a father figure in your life. This one is for the tear jerkers.

Again, once your audience FEELS something about your posts, you have them hooked. So hooked that they'll probably go through their entire contact list tagging anyone and everyone who applies.

Your job here is done.

The trick here is to make sure that yes, it's sentimental, yet EXTREMELY intentional at the same time. If you're a mens brand that sales shaving cream... this post would be GOLD for you. Anyone who gets tagged in this post, is your ideal audience... MEN! And fathers at that, you know they're old enough to need to shave... comes in shaving cream.

See? Something that can seem so ordinary to "regular people" (people who aren't reading this post and know about your secret call to action... take over the work plan), is actually pretty dam well thought out and serves a specific purpose to your brand.

Again, the post speaks for itself. A caption isn't needed much here, but if you do add a caption... something like...

"Because they need to know"

Would be a great option.

instagram marketing call to actions to boost engagement and sales

Action Item: create a post that really connects to your followers on an emotional level. Something that will hit close to home for them and feels a inspiring. This will really get them to want to share with everyone and actualy connect with your brand. 

4. The Sales Call

Okay so this next category of call to actions is something I'm sure you are very much familiar with. I'm sure you see MANY of your favorite brands posting promotional images like this with information about their current sales.

The problem is, although you've probably seen posts such as the one shown below, most accounts that are posting them... aren't doing them right.

Yup, you heard me right. And YES there is totally a wrong way of doing it. Let me tell you why. Most companies running a sale will post an image like this with either no caption at all, or with a caption like...

"Guys, we're hosting a sale. You Don't want to miss it!"

Now that's all fine and dandy, although, it's not going to do much. You haven't actually guided your audience to take any sort of "next step" or action.

You basically just threw information out AT them. Kinda like when a baby spits all over your new shirt and gives you a look like... "awe, I feel better". Don't be a baby throwing things at people, especially information... people are lazy and don't really know what to do with that information.

Instead, you have to tell them what to do next. Tell them how they can take action. Something like...

"Click the link in profile to take advantage of our HUGE blowout. No code needed. Hurry before your favorite items are gone!"

A caption like this does a few things... it tell your audience EXACTLY what they need to do in order to take part in the sale, it creates a sense of urgency (they need to take action now), it let's them know that they don't need anything to get the discount (its already there) and it makes them feel like it's the biggest sale of the century... they can't miss out on this super awesome sale!

Instagram marketing call to actions to boost sales and engagment

Action Item: Next time you have  sale, make sure to add a caption telling your audience exactly what to do... how they can access the sale and why they need to do it now!

5. it was an After thought

Okay, so I'm a huge advocate for posting with intention. You should never just post to post. Everything you post should have a purpose, whether it's to warm your followers up to an upcoming launch, if it's to get your followers to purchase a particular item, if it's to get your followers to connect to your brand, etc.

This applies to customer photos, photos of someone using your products, photos of your office with your products nonchalantly laying on your desk. 

These kinds of photos are great, they give your brand that sense of being not just a product, but a lifestyle. But too often I see posts without being intentional and creating any action items. Don't get me wrong, you don't want to be over "salesy" and have an action item for every single post, sometimes your followers need a break.

But, it doesn't hurt to throw in a few here and there after you've created a fun, lifestyle like post.

Below is a perfect example. Say you sell the clutch this mother has around her waist. You'll notice this post isn't throwing the product at you, it's not telling you to go buy it right now because it's on sale, its just a laid back photo of a mother with her child.

Now here's where the call to action comes in. Adding a caption like...

"It's never a dull day exploring the world with the little ones. It's just a concrete jungle out there. |exploring with our red clutch isn't a bad idea either. click link in profile to snatch yours|

Instagram marketing call to actions to boost sales and engagement

Action Item: Next time you have a lifestyle shot or customer photo. Add a call to action AFTER your original caption. This will remind them about your products and guide them to want to make the purchase.

6. Ask a question

So this may be one of my favorite call to actions because you get to have REAL conversations with your peeps here.

You can turn almost ANY post into a real conversation by adding a quick question with a call to action in your caption. People want to share more about themselves than you probably realize. When you ask people about themselves, they're more than willing to share, trust me. Sometimes, they go off on a tangent, but that's good because that means you've succeeded. They feel close enough to you to actually talk to you about it. 

In the post below, adding a caption like...

"just sitting down for my morning coffee. Now that the weather's warming up, I need some go-to cold coffee drinks. Comment below wth your fave cold coffee so I can try it out."

Trust me, people LOVE this. You will get comments left and right yo! No joke, especially when it has to do with coffee (what is it about coffee?). 

Now the trick is to make sure you keep the conversation going by commenting back to every single cold coffee drink your people throw out there. They want to make sure you actually heard what they had to say. This will definitely keep them coming back for more and wanting to continue to like and comment on your posts. Because... you're basically besties now, I mean, they shared their coffee with you ;)

instagram marketing call to actions to boost sales and engagement

Action Item: Try asking your followers a question next time you post and watch your engagement grow by getting lots more comments than you're used to.

Alright, I just gave you 6 ideas on how to create call to actions to boost your engagement and sales with Instagram. Remember, the point is to have IG become a 2 way street.

A brand that continuously throws information out, but doesn't ask for information back, is super lame yo! Don't be that brand. Invite your followers to engage back with you and they'll be loyal fo' life.

Alright homie, now you know exactly what you need to do in order to get your followers to engage, start conversations and take ACTION.

Don't stop there, you want to make sure every image you post is on brand and eye catching. In order to make sure you're on point every time (because no ones likes ugly images), watch my video tutorial HERE where I show you exactly how to create some pretty bad ass call to action images for Instagram.

See you next week!