Let's Talk About The F Word... Facebook! 4 Ways to Generate Sales From Facebook

Can we walk about the F word for a  minute? .............  Facebook (what were you thinking? lol). Anyone that knows me, knows I'm an Instagram girl and if you scroll through this blog, you'll find most of my content is geared towards Instagram. As much as I love IG and all it's fun ways to grow your brand, we can't leave Facebook out of the conversation. 

Today I'm showing you 4 ways to generate sales from Facebook. Yes, FOUR ways you can start using Facebook more efficiently to increase your sales THIS month. All of these tips can be executed starting today. No need to waste any time here. Let's get to the juicy stuff. P.S. I'm hosting a FREE webinar THIS Saturday with my friend Desiree, who is a Facebook marketing genius. You don't want to miss it, trust me... she's sharing her biggest secrets. You can sign up here

Facebook marketing tips

1. Profile Photo

Okay, so you'd think this was a no brainer... apparently, it's not. I don't know how many times I come across a brands Facebook account and have no idea who they are. First things first, it's important to have the same profile photo across all your social media platforms. Why? Because people need to know that it's you.

Let's say you'rr following a particular brand on Twitter, but you spend more of your time on Facebook so you want to find them on Facebook and like their page. You type in their name and hit search... 5 different Facebook pages pop up with a similar name, but NONE of them look familiar. You don't recognize any of them, so you start to get confused and either quit, or assume this brand doesn't have a Facebook page and go on with your day. 

Do NOT let this happen to you. Social media is FREE marketing... your followers are choosing to become a part of your community. They're CHOOSING to receive your content and advertisements on a daily bases. These are the people that are going to be buying from you consistently. Followers + fans can be hard to get. You want to make it as SIMPLE as possible for them to find you and want to follow you. You definitely don't want to confuse them. 

"Social media is FREE marketing... your followers are choosing to become a part of your community. They're CHOOSING to receive your content and advertisements on a daily bases."

Take a look below. Image #1 is my Twitter, image #2 is my Instagram + image #3 is my Facebook. In all three social media platforms, I'm using the same photo. Now, my cover photos definitely differ, but my main profile pics are all the same and consistent. If anyone were to search my name in any social media platform, they would know in an instant if the account is mine... or not.

Now, instead of only popping up in their Instagram accounts on the daily, I'm also popping up in the Facebook feed. Talk about free marketing.... they're now seeing my content multiple times a day in multiple different places!

facebook marketing tips

facebook marketing tips

facebook marketing tips


2. Slideshows

My girl Desiree from Kitz and Co Media recently introduce me to this new Facebook Slideshow feature that recently rolled out. We were in a Skype call and she was rambling about how awesome it's been for her clients and was wondering why more businesses haven't been utilizing it yet. Of course my first questions was... wait a minute, what's a FB Slideshow? 

Let me break it down for you. So Facebook now allows you to create a video slideshow made up of 3-7 images, and choose the length of the video from 5-15 seconds. In case you didn't already know, video content is the new trend. A trend that everyone should be paying close attention to. Videos have been proven to demand the attention of consumers more than any other type of content out there. Also, your audience is 10 times more likely to engage with a video, whether that be sharing, liking, commenting, etc. 


"Videos have been proven to demand the attention of consumers more than any other type of content out there."


If that doesn't already grab your attention, this little tidbit will... Video content is the #1 type of content to convert your audience into customers. Hell yes, right? We are here to grow our brand and make money. Well, FB Slideshows are an easy way to get started. FB makes it incredibly easy for you to upload your images, decide how long you want your video to be, add a link and that's it. The best part? Your slideshow will automatically start playing in your audiences feed... talk about eye catching. 

Want a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your first slideshow? Click here. 


3. Be Active in Facebook Groups

Let me ask you a question... are you apart of any Facebook groups? If you are let me guess, you're the one standing on the sidelines, maybe hitting like a few times and not engaging much, am I right? If you're not apart of any groups, go find some now and join ASAP. If you are, you better start engaging...a lot!

You're goal here is to become the expert for your niche in every single FB group you're apart of. You can't do this by sitting on the sidelines. You have to get out there and start answering questions, giving advice, posting helpful content to your peers. Why? Because every single time you do, you're slowly becoming an expert to the people who are watching. They'll start coming to YOU for more advice or questions about this particular topic, and then telling all their friends how they need to go check you out.


"They'll start coming to YOU for more advice or questions about this particular topic, and then telling all their friends how they need to go check you it."


Eventually it'll get to the point that when someone posts a question that has to do with your niche, people will start tagging you for the answer and shouting you out to the entire group. Clients/customers will start coming to YOU.

Whether you're a product based business, service based business or blogger... this strategy is GOLD. Figure out what your niche is and get involved with like minded groups. These groups are already filled with you ideal customers, now go out and demand their attention by always engaging. 


4. post more often

I'm sure everyone is well aware of Facebook algorithm. I didn't say we understood it... if anyone knows the exact FB algorithm for making sure 100% of our audience is seeing our posts, please comment below!!!! For now, let's work off of what we DO know. Every time you post from your business page, in the bottom left hand corner it will show you how many people saw that particular post (see example below). Every time I see those numbers... I cringe. Not even 20% of my audience is seeing my posts. Ugh!

facebook marketing tips


Here's the thing, I don't really know exactly why, but the more often I post... that number keeps getting higher and higher and more of my audience are seeing my posts. As long as I'm posting relevant and engaging content. Many high profile FB pages are posting as often as every 2 hours. Yup, you heard that right... every 2 hours. 

The more often you're posting, the more chances you have of any given followers seeing a post of yours that day. You want to get in front of your audience as much as possible and if we know our content isn't being seen 100% of the time, why aren't we posting more often?

Think of it this way. Say you've got a bow and arrow..... you see a target with a bullseye 10 yards away. You can either take 2 arrows and try to hit the bullseye in 2 tries... or you can take 6 arrows and have 6 tries. Which scenario gives you the better odds? Yeah, I'd take the 6 arrows ANY day. Same thing with your FB posts. We don't really know which posts will hit your audience and which wont. But posting more often increases our chances. 

You've got NO excuse. You just learned 4 different ways to generate sales with Facebook, so get going!!!

Alright, ready to go kick some butt and generate more sales? Me too!

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