Press For Your Brand: "5 Things Press Can Do For Your Brand And Why You Need It"

So what the heck is press and why do you need to start worrying about it? Whether you're a product based business, service based business or blogger, you've got to start strategizing how to get press for your brand.. like, now!  

Press is for everyone! 

Press is when you or your brand gains coverage in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, celebrity endorsements, podcasts, etc. It's pretty much what every business dreams about, seeing their products on the cover of a well known magazine or TV. You know the saying "there's no such thing as bad press"? That statement couldn't be more true. Whether people are speaking well of you or badly about you… people are talking about you, getting your name out there.   

Press For Your Brand

I read an interview recently from Shark Tank Podcast with Belinda from The Skinny Mirror and she said, "We don't have much money for advertising and marketing, however the controversy surrounding The Skinny Mirror is probably what gives it the biggest buzz".  Guys, she hit the nail on the head. The fact that people are talking about her and her brand is crucial. I'm sure you've also heard the best advertising is by word of mouth. Press gets people talking.

I'm going to give you 5 reasons you should be chasing press for you and/or your brand. And if this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will:

1. Press Gets You More Sales

There's nothing more impressive than customers finding out about you, reading about you or seeing you in a well known magazine. If a magazine editor even mentions your brand in an article, readers take that as a personal recommendation and are more likely to become paying customers of yours. National magazines have millions of readers…. let's take a moment to take that number in, MILLIONS! Can you imagine how much it would cost you to air a national commercial with that many viewers… ha, neither can I. 

Not to mention celebrity endorsements. It's often after a celebrity wears a specific dress or item of clothing, that item sells out in minutes. It's not unheard of to sell out of an item or multiple items after receiving press on any media outlet. 

2. Press Makes You Look Good

Customers are more likely to buy your product after seeing the press you've been receiving. It's not just about gaining new customers, it's also about showing your current customers why you're so kick ass and they should keep coming. Everyone loves feeling like they're apart of something. Being able to talk to their neighbor about how they've been a customer of yours for years, before everyone saw you in that magazine, makes them feel apart of your success and gets them to want to brag FOR you. They'll become your biggest cheerleaders. 

3. Press Becomes A Resume For Other Media Outlets

Once you start getting press, you start getting even more press. It's like that annoying snowball that know one really knows how to break… you can't get press until you can show that you've already gotten press. It's the never ending snowball effect (if you don't know what you're doing). If a TV producer is interested in having you on the show, they're going to want to see some previous on screen work that you've done. If a writer is interested in having you guest blog, they'll want to see that you know how to write by viewing previous guest posts you've done. Anytime someone from the media contacts you, you'll have a well put together resume of past press you've already gotten and they'll be more likely to work with you. They'll think, 'oh if that publication trusts them, so do I'. 

Hot to get free press for your brand

You can even publish this resume on your website under "PRESS" (I've included a screen shot of mine above). I'm sure you've all seen this page before on other websites and blogs. It makes it easy for all media outlets, they don't even have to send you an email to get that info, it's already on your website for them. Whoop whoop!

4. Press can tell your story

Every brand has a story they want to tell, and unless you have a blog or write ridiculously long social media captions, you're not always able to get your story told to the public. It's not always easy to get your story out beyond just your customers reach. Press for your brand does just that. It get's your story out there to the public and it does it for free. What ever media outlet is featuring or writing about your brand, all of their audience gets to hear from someone they trust. People get to hear about not just your brand, but the meaning behind it and why it's so important. I don't know about you… but that's gold to me.

5. Press Is Free

Last but not least, press is f***ing FREE! Who doesn't love free? If you're a small business, startup or solopreneure, chances are you don't have the funds for marketing or advertising... press is your new best friend. Once you learn how to start getting press for your brand, you've broken the code and begin getting free advertising from magazines, TV shows, newspapers, online media outlets, etc. Reaching all kinds of people that you normally wouldn't haver every reached.

Getting exposure nationally or even worldwide is something most small business can't afford out of pocket. Press is your golden key to get there with little to no budget. 


Have I convinced you yet?

Have I convinced you yet that you're totally missing out if you're not getting press? Ya, I thought so. Stick around because over the next few weeks I'll be giving you tips and tricks on how to start getting major press for you and your brand. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!


-Lindsay White / Profession Gangsta Boss at Lot801 Marketing