The Collective of Us

Today you're in for a treat peeps... because I'm sharing with you something that COMPLETELY changed the way I do business. I remember starting Lot801 and thinking to myself... dude, I got this. I started this business on my own and I can't wait to takeover the world. 

I didn't know anyone in my industry. In fact, other than my dad who opened up his own carpet store 15 years ago, I didn't know anyone who was their own boss. But that was totally fine because I didn't need to know anyone, I didn't need to network, I didn't need to have any connections. Holy shit was I wrong!!! 

It didn't take long for me to realize that was totally bullshit. Connections are extremely important, knowing people in your industry can be super helpful and networking is KEY to growing your business. That's when The Collective of Us came into my life. I could sit here and type away, trying to explain what The Collective of Us is..... or you can see for yourself below.

Call me a hippie, but I'm a TRUE believer that people come into our lives when we need them most, nothing is by accident. We attract the very thing we need... at that moment we need it from the universe, whether we know it or not.

I remember going to my very first Alt Summit (a conference for bloggers + small businesses) where I met Cyndie Spiegel. We chatted a bit on the grass at one of the dinners and I remember leaving our conversation feeling refreshed and inspired. 

Not long after meeting Cyndie, did I become a member of The Collective of Us. It was awesome!!! My first call with other women entrepreneurs who were wanting to grow their business... it was like speaking with people who just KNEW me!

"Wait a minute... there were other women out there that were just like me, knew what I was going through and understood my struggles."


"Not only that, but they were willing to help me out, share their contacts with me and went out of their way to give me their expertise because they wanted to see me succeed." 


Not only did I meet some pretty kick ass women that were amazing business owners through The Collective of Us, I made some life long friends. I still keep in touch with most of the members, and we've collaborated and worked together in multiple ways since then. 


Well, I'm SO excited because Cyndie's opening up another round of The Collective in just a few days. BUT... she's giving my friends exclusive early access, starting today!


Guys, starting today... YOU get early access to join The Collective. Cyndie's only opening up 20 spots for this round and if you're looking to up your game for your business... I hope you snatch a spot before they sell out. This group has been invaluable for me and my business and I know you'll feel the same.

Getting to hop on a group Skype call every two weeks with all kinds of different women entrepreneurs, in all kinds of different industries, helped me accelerate my business.


They had so much knowledge, connections and expertise that I would have NEVER been able to get on my own. For that, I am forever thankful for Cyndie. 


And because I LOVE and believe in this group SO much, I hopped on a call with Cyndie on Monday and asked if there was anything we could do to make it EXTRA special for all my peeps.. because let's face it, all my Gangsta Bosses deserve something a little extra. We racked our brains and came up with a few things to throw in, exclusively for MY homies. Who doesn't like extra stuff???


Yup! you saw that right. Cyndie's throwing in a wrap up call and I'm throwing in my Instagram King course for all my friends. I want you guys to have EVERYTHING you need to get going, start taking your businesses seriously and be apart of a community and sisterhood that wants to help you succeed. And trust me... The Collective of Us is all of that and SO much, much more!

If you've already purchased my Instagram King course and are interested in joining The Collective, I'm offering all my passed and current students a full REFUND to my course. So basically, you're getting paid to take my course. How awesome is that?

To learn more about this awesome group that I'm also apart of, click below. You won't be sorry. 

I'm so excited for the 20 lucky people that get to join this amazing group of women entrepreneurs. Doors open to the public on March 21st, but I've got exclusive early access here! Whoop whoop!


Professional Gangsta Boss

P.S. This is an incredible free video series that I know you’ll learn a lot from being a part of.  Cyndie is an incredible source of inspiration and strategy for many women including myself and business.

At the end the series, Cyndie is going to tell you more about The Collective (of Us). If you decide to join this awesome group (that I’m also a part of) ,  I’ll receive a small commission for sending you her way. I wouldn't ever promote anything I didn’t believe in a 100% or wasn’t personally a part of.