Why You Shouldn't Ask Your Followers to Turn on Their Push Notifications

Okay so if you haven't already seen the Instagram riot popping up in your feed by now... you're probably living under a rock, aren't on IG that much or haven't been paying much attention, and in that case, you probably shouldn't be reading this post. Because you obviously don't give a shit. 

For all the bloggers, small business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs, etc. trying to grow your brand and build an empire around your business... keep reading (pssst. this post IS for you). We've all seen the posts pop up right? It's basically screaming at us from all different directions... TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS (with an arrow showing people where it is). Today I'm telling you why you SHOULDN'T ask your followers to turn on their post notifications. 

Say whaaaat? Did I just hear the record skip? I know, it's a tragedy. 

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Instagram Tips - Push Notifications

Let's back up a min, real quick for all you crazies out there that haven't heard of the new algorithm changes Instagram has implemented. You can read the full update from Instagram themselves here.

But let me break it down for you real quick: Basically, your general feed is no longer showing up chronologically. It used to be that when you opened Instagram and went through your general feed, the person who posted last showed up first, with posts showing up in order of time posted. This is NO longer the case. Instagram is now changing it so the posts they THINK you'll want to see most, pop up at the top of your feed. You're no longer guaranteed to see everyone you're currently following anymore... ahhhh!

Instagram is taking your past and current actions into consideration. Based on your past interactions, engagement and who you've consistently communicated with, they'll start boosting similar posts to the top of your feed that's related to content you've "shown" them you like. 


...And people are straight freaking the f*ck out. 


I'm hear to tell you, it ain't no thang. Okay so it's a bit of a bummer, sure. But man.... everything will be FINE! It's not as devastating as people are making it out to be. I mean sure, it sucks that we aren't guaranteed to pop up into every one of our followers feeds anymore, but did no one really see this coming? Facebook implemented this change YEARS ago. In case you hadn't already heard, Facebook bought Instagram clear back in 2012. I'd be lying if I wasn't waiting for the day this was going to happen.

This isn't the apocalypse for creative entrepreneurs, it just means we have to up our game. This new change is forcing people to actually post great content their people WANT to see. The good news is that the people that actually WANT to hear about you, your updates, products releases, new blog posts, etc. are sure to see them. Instead of going through your entire list of followers based on the time you posted, you're SURE to pop up at the TOP of the feed and go straight to the many that ACTUALLY want to see you and are already loyal fans/customers. Hollar!

this doesn't change the algorithm

Asking your followers to turn on push notifications does NOT ensure your posts pop up in their feed. Everyone's telling their followers to turn on their notification to make sure they still see your posts. It's wack yo'. It doesn't solve the problem. 

Let's back up with what a push notification is... When you turn on a push notification for a particular account you're currently following, Instagram will send a notification to your phone every time this user posts on Instagram. It doesn't boost their post to the top of your feed, like everyone thinks it does. 

Push notifications don't change the fact that the new algorithm is still there. In NO way will this affect where your posts show up in their feed. 

It's Annoying 

Okay, let's say your followers listened to you and turn on notifications for your account. Chances are, you're not the only one they did it for. Let's say they turned them on for 5 of their favorite accounts...yay! They're so supportive and it's so great they're wanting to stay connected with you.

Here's the problem with that... after day one, they're going to be annoyed as hell! Let's do the math, say each of those accounts post 2 times a day. That's TEN notifications being sent to their phone a freaking day. Yeah, glad I'm not the owner of that phone.

Seriously though, we already receive so many notifications from our phone a day... anything from emails, phone calls, texts, etc. it adds up. And adding more notifications on top of that is just ridiculous my friends. No body wants that!

The biggest issue with this is, they're going to be so annoyed by it that instead of just turning off their notifications for you, they'll probably just go and completely unfollow you, because it's easier to do. Which is exactly what you DON'T want. 


Instead of asking your IG followers to turn on their notifications, here's a list of things you SHOULD do to ensure they still see your posts:

1. Create kick ass content your followers actually want to see. No more are the days where you can just sit back and post any pic from your phone because it's time to post. You have to actually think about your posts before you share them. You should always have some sort of intention when posting on social media anyway... stop being lazy and get to work. 

Go back and audit your feed. Take notice of the content that's gotten the most likes and comments and start replicating that content over and over again creating new, yet similar images and captions. 

2. Make sure you're posting at high engagement times of the day.

3. Create call to actions to get your followers to engage with you. The more they engage with you, the more they'll see your posts. 

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