This course will show you how to generate sales on autopilot using your new secret weapon... newsletters. Learn how to implement an email welcome series sales funnel that'll skyrocket your sales and allow you to spend more time on the things you LOVE in your business.

If you invest in ONE thing this year for your business, let it be THIS.

Trust me, it's a game changer!

This course will blow your mind with with the possibilities...


I'll first show you how to start your email list, what email service provider to use (for free) and how to get people signing up daily.


I'll then walk you through the process of setting up an email welcome series  (THIS is the game changer!). Once you know how a welcome series works and how to set them up for your biz, you'll start making money in your sleep (literally).


Sales will start rolling through on autopilot, without you having to lift a finger.


No more are the days you'll have to hustle your butt off for each and every sale. I'll show you how to set up a system that brings money in every single day, completely automated, without promoting, hustling and pitching all the time!


*What's an email welcome series? It's a welcome email sequence that leads your email subscriber from window shopper to excited customer. Once they sign up for your email list, a series of emails will be sent to them (all happening without you having to lift a finger).


Seriously, fist bump me right now, because this is going to change your life!!!


I'll then show you how to design your emails (even if you're not a designer), how often you should be sending out your newsletter and what content to include. These strategies are what keep your customers coming back, buying your products over and over again. Generating even MORE sales.


After that, I'll show you the FIVE essentials you need to do in order to boost revenue every time you run a sale. My students have reported back that they've increased their revenue by over 200% when running a sale, just since implementing these FIVE things.


Newsletter Hustler



I loved this course!! I have been building my email list since I started my company 3 years ago, and finally know how to successfully send out a newsletter that will engage my readers and encourage them to share my newsletters. I am finally seeing website traffic from my newsletters! Thank you Lindsay for your insights and for sharing your secrets with us!
— Lexi
After implementing the 5 things to include during your next big sales email, I quickly put an email together, hit send and made an EXTRA $700 that day. This stuff works!
— -Desiree
Before Newsletter Hustler generating sales was a slow, painful process. But now I have sales coming through DAILY and the best part is most of it’s on autopilot, thanks to Lindsay and all her awesome strategies.
— Julia


There's a reason this course is my most popular class. Because it gets you REAL results, real FAST! It'll change the way you run your business forever making it SO much easier to bring in sales consistently with little effort on your part. 

Take the course, do the work and watch the sales roll in!


You NEED a system that brings sales in every. single. day.


No more goofing around with your biz, enroll NOW!

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