I worked my ass off, so you don't have to. I broke the code by figuring out how to do PR on my own. I made personal connections with celebrities, editors, online media outlets and TV shows.


I've been on TV Multiple times, celebrities giving me shout outs and following me on Instagram, interviewed on multiple podcasts, been in magazines like VOGUE and featured in The Huffington Post. I went from 0 to 10k Instagram followers in just 9 short months!




Hi. I’m Lindsay!

Professional Gangsta Boss. Owner/designer of Lot801, a children’s brand for the off-beat cool kids. I started Lot801 in my home while working as a Project Manager at my full time job. The plan was to eventually make enough money from this small biz of mine to quit the full time gig.


It didn’t take long to figure out that I had to start bringing in more monthly sales in order to make that happen. So I turned to what every twenty something knows best…. social media, specifically Instagram. I started an account for Lot801 and was ready to take over the world. Only, that’s not quit what happened. It was really f*cking hard and I struggled to gain my first 1k followers.


So I dug deep, set a goal and created a roadmap on how to get there. I created a very specific and strategic plan in order to hit 10k followers by the end of the year. Holy shit, 10k people knowing about my product?!?! I got this!


 To my surprise, my strategy WORKED! I went from 0 – 10k followers in just 9 short months!


 Not only did I hit my goal, I worked with some pretty amazing brands along the way. Brands I only ever dreamed about working with. I ran a giveaway with The Honest Company, Birchbox, Hello Apparel, etc. I conquered some pretty killer shit.


This didn’t come by accident. I was very strategic, I had a plan and I followed it.



I then turned to PR. Press is a killer way to gain brand awareness… not to mention how freaking awesome it would be to see celebrity’s kids in my clothes. Then I was dumbfounded again, how do I do this without a budget?  So I Googled the shit out of how to get free press, took a course, read everything I could find about how to do PR on your own, even when you don’t have connections in the industry and I went for it.


I figured out my own strategy in the process. I created my own PR strategy and to my surprised… it freaking worked too!


Within my first year in business I’d been featured in magazines such as Kiwi Magazine, Vogue, Pregnancy & Newborn, etc. I was even featured in The Huffington Post!


I have celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jaime King, Monica Brown, Yael Braun etc. following my Instagram account. My clothes have been seen on the children of Jaime King, Monica Brown, Yael Braun, etc.


I’ve been on TV shows like Good Things Utah, KSL Studio5, etc.  


In February 2015, I was able to finally quit the full time gig and take Lot801 full time.


My inbox began to get flooded with emails from other small business owners asking how I had done all of this in such a short time. That’s when I started Lot801 Marketing. Where I put all my knowledge into these courses so anyone who wants to, can do the same!


The most important thing, ANYONE can replicate my strategy. And I want to help you do it.


You absolutely don’t have to be an amazing photographer to be successful at Instagram. I take all my photos on my iPhone and use simple filters.


You absolutely don’t have to know ANYONE in Hollywood or PR to be successful at doing PR yourself. I sure in the hell didn’t, but I sure in the hell do now! Let me show you how!


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