What if I told you that you could...


Get your brand the exposure it deserves with just a few hours a week?

Attract a specific audience who's ready to buy your product or services?

Double or even triple your sales with just a post a day?

edit your photos so they're always instagram ready (using just your phone)?

Create an engaged community around your brand?



Guess what homie? You can!!!



Become the Instagram King in your industry


I'm telling you right now yo' that it's totally possible to grow your brand and make an income with Instagram. I don't care who you are. As long as you put in the work, you can conquer this social media platform like a freaking BOSS!


If you're frustrated with the amount of time you spend on IG a day,

aren't making any money,

and just plain sick of not seeing your account grow...


Instagram King is your new Best Friend!

(This no BS course is ready to whip your IG skills into shape)



There are 500 million+ people using Instagram a day. It's filled with people that are ready to buy what you're selling! The trick is to finding those people and visually giving them what they want, consistently!

Instagram King Testimonial #1

This Instagram E-Course is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to grow your following with paying customers.


In Instagram King, I'm sharing the exact strategy I used to grow my brand so quickly... how I went from 75 followers to 10k in just 9 months! I've grown my business exclusively through Instagram and have spent over TWO years learning what works and what doesn't, and I'm telling you exactly how I did it.


I'm giving you an exact step-by-step guide into how i grew so quickly. No generic tactics here, just real strategies that work!


WHat's in the course?

IG King Training Videos
IG King Workbooks
IG King Tools


MODULE 1: Setting GOals + Creating a show stopper bio

  • Finding your end goal with IG
  • Create the path to get there
  • Your magic number
  • How to create a profile pic that'll capture peoples attention
  • How to write a killer bio


Module 2: Attracting your ideal audience

  • What numbers you should be focusing on (hint: it's not how many followers you have)
  • How to attract the right people
  • How to get in front of a targeted audience who's ready to buy your products
  • How to create "your signature look" to make sure you stand out above the crowd
  • How to make your followers feel like you're their BFF
  • The 60/20/20 rule I use that ensures I'm giving my audience what they want


Module 3: creating A content schedule

  • How often you should be posting on IG
  • When the best times to post are
  • How to know what content you should be posting when
  • How to guide your followers into becoming PAYING customers
  • How to create a schedule that's tailored to your audience to ensure your posts are being seen


Module 4: Photo editing (MOST POPULAR)

  • What apps to use to make sure your photos are on brand and beautiful every single time
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to use these apps to create visually appealing content
  • What kind of filters to use
  • Photo styling and flat lays
  • How to perfect the lighting, backgrounds, props, selfies, etc.
  • The rule of thirds


Module 5: Call to actions

  • How convert your followers to paying customers
  • How to get your followers to take action now
  • How to get your followers to not just like, but comment on your posts
  • How to create branded quotes
  • How to boost your sales
  • How to create giveaways that WORK


module 6: networking + collaborations

  • Why collaborating is crucial to growing your brand
  • How to create a product launch army for maximum exposure
  • How to successfully collaborate with other brands and bloggers
  • Why it's important to help others in order for you to succeed


Instagram King Bonuses
IG King Community

1. Access to a PRIVATE community of your peers

Join a group of bad ass biz owners and bloggers who are on your same journey.

Connect and network with your peers (and myself) to discuss modules, ask questions, give and receive value and even join forces for collaborations and giveaways. 



2. The Ultimate giveaway guide

The difference between a giveaway that gets you 15 new followers... and several hundred new followers is a planned out strategy. You have to be picky and specific as to how you plan it out.

I've created the ultimate guide to ensure every giveaway you run is a success for you and all other parties involved.

Giveaways are a great way to gain new followers, but you want to make sure they stick around when the giveaway closes, let me show you how.

Instagram Giveaway Guide

IG King Webinar Vault

3. My Instagram Training webinar vault

Get access to all my Instagram training webinars.

Get an exclusive in-depth look into a few of the topics we cover in Instagram King. These are all extra training videos to help you get to the next level with this social media platform.  Ready to view at any time!